making the switch

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Hey everybody,

I am a life long PC user. I do alot of photo editing so last year I decided it was time I make the switch over to a Mac. But before committing to it I did alot of research and found these forums. Back in Dec of last year I figured I can wait to hear what is announced at Macworld 2008 only to find out no MBP update.

After all this waiting it's finally here! (well amlost) I just got an email saying my new MBP has been shipped!

My questions are to other recent converts....what should I expect? How much different is a Mac from a PC? What do you prefer Bootcamp or Parallels? Or what do you think about CrossOver? And lastly...I'm sure this is a stupid question, but can you use any kind of mouse on a Mac?


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