Getting Linksys NAS encl. to play nice on Mac LAN

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I checked first, i really did. 'Yes,' said Linksys, our NAS200 Network Attched Storage dual disk enclosure is Mac-compatible.

So it arrived yesterday and i set it up using the supplied web utility, which includes a formatting tool.

It seemed to work fine and the disks duly mounted on my desktop.

BUT THEN, when i started to copy my data onto one of the disks, it refused to take files with long filenames. After hours in chat support with Linksys, they basically told me to go ask Apple. Appalling, really. They sell the item as Mac-compatible; the item's purpose is to store files; but Linksys can't tell me how I can make it store some Mac files.

Anyway, before i send it back. The Winders guy on chat help at Linksys said i would need to "map the drive". I don't know what this means. If it is a common, straightforward procedure that is needed for all network drives, Mac or otherwise, then fine, I'm keen to learn.

But if it is some kind of work-around to make what is essentially a Windows setup work with Mac, and if it will therefore perform slowly, etc., I'm not interested and I will send the unit back.

So please, where do i find a primer on mapping NAS disks for Mac?

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    Maybe I could just get around all this if there were a utility that would enable me to format the NAS disks as Mac Extended HFS.
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