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Just thought the AppleInsider community might like to know about a new iPhone Application. It's called iAnesthesia: Case Logs and is a program designed by anesthesiologist to help all anesthesia providers track their case logs.


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    Downloaded iAnesthesia this morning, and found it to be a nice piece of software indeed.

    Found www.imobilemedic.com - a UK team of anaesthetists and programmers who are about to release iGasLog - a similar application with some advantages - no subscription required, instead backs up to a computer of your choice, backwards compatible with existing RCA logbook, and the app itself can generate activity reports in time for appraisals etc.

    Emailed the technical support team who were very helpful and friendly, should be available from the App store in November 2008. They also mentioned a US version will be available soon which changes some of the terminology of trainees - The UK have SHO/SPR/Fellow/ consultant whereas these terms are replaced with intern, residents, fellows, attendings and CNRAs.

    Thought I'd share this info with the anaesthesia / anesthesia community here at AppleInsider
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