Yahoo China condemned on request of the majors

in AppleOutsider edited January 2014
Whereas Yahoo has just launched a lyrics website after an agreement with the editors, the Chinese gate knows some legal problems. A court of Beijing has just forced the company to pay some 210.000 yuan or even 27.000 dollars to the usual labels (Warner, BMG, EMI, Universal, SONY). Yahoo immediately let know that it would appeal. Yahoo was moreover enjoined to remove several links towards musical contents, under licence of these majors.

11 complaints had been deposited against Yahoo China for illegal links disposal, after several months of repeated requests remained unfruitful at the statement of the IFPI. It should be known that a section of the engine is dedicated in the search of MP3 files and thus allows to constitute an ideal discotheque without too many difficulties.

It's not the first time that the majors members of the IFPI attack large Chinese entities. Already, using a legislation voted last July, the federation had supported a series of complaints against Baidu, the main Chinese engine. Yahoo China operates in the country with, and is held to some extent by Yahoo US.


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