Mac Pro wireless drops without reason

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Since a couple of months I got a wireless network adapter in my Early-2008 Mac Pro.

When it's working, it's fine. But suddenly the connection drops and is re-established.

This can occur from several times a day, to just once a day.

It's bloody annoying especially when you play a mmorpg, and the connection drops and you lag all over the place.

Weird thing is, my MacBook doesn't have this problem at all. It sits next to the Mac Pro and never ever drops connection.

I build the module in myself, and attached the wires according to a guide I found over at MacRumors.

When the connection is up, the quality is all the way up on the connection icon. When it drops it slowly climbs up to max again.

I am using a Time Capsule as my access point.

I hope anyone has some suggestion or even a possible solution for me, because this is driving me nuts.

Didn't spend 50 Euro's on a very tiny module to be still using my switch to connect to my network.

PS: I tried the search on the forums here, but the search isn't working...
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