New Macbook Pro, dead pixel! (?) Help!

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So I bought a new Macbook Pro and have had it for 3 days and right smack dab in the upper middle of the screen is a black or stuck pixel. Bought this mac for graphics design And I use it for photoshop and what not and am constantly zoomed in and trying to erase the damn black dot. Completely annoying! Can I bring it in to get fixed for free? I mean it's less than a week old and I feel like I have a new but imperfect piece of equipment that I spent over 2 grand on.


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    wircwirc Posts: 302member
    You can get this fixed for free at an Apple Store. You haven't done anything that voids the warranty, have you?
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,793member
    Bring it in right away and they'll give you a new machine. As long as you complain enough.
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