In-Store Assessment of new MBP's

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I went to the campus computer store today to check out the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. After reading practically every review out there, I was expecting to find a glaring, overly-reflective glossy screen, and an extremeley annoying buttonless track-pad.

Instead what I found was a TOP-NOTCH display (for the MBP) that had SOME glare but was TOTALLY usable and did look great (for consumers but maybe not photoeditors who demand amazing color accuracy). The track-pad felt JUST like my old MacBook's. Everyone kept talking about how it felt different, etc... It's not. Just think of it as the same thing but instead of the button being on-top, it's under. Seriously. No extra clickyness, no weird gluey feeling. Nothing. Just a track-pad with the button under the pad and not above it. I even used my thumb to click the button like I was accustomed to.

Additionally, the MacBook Pro does somehow feel lighter even though it's 0.1 lb heavier. Trust me on this. The MB of course feels much sturdier, lighter, and just better all around (as far as build quality). I know that echoes every review, but seriously, I know you guys have gone to Engadget, and MacWorld, and MacNN, and ArsTechnica, etc... They all complain about the glossiness and the track-pad. Go see for yourself. I'm sure 90% of you will ask, "What were they makin' a big stink about?" These things came out fine.

I'm so glad I ordered mine and I can't wait for it to ship.
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