Which games for iMac G3 w/ OS10.4

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Hi all,

I bought this G3 at a neighborhood yard sale for twenty bucks! $20.00!

Quick specs: 2001 (?) 500Mhz, 320MB RAM, 20Gig HDD, 16MB ATI Rage128Pro2 video and OS 10.4.11. All pertinent upgrades have been applied. Also came with a working install of Microsoft Office X! It came with NO install disks. I can live with that.

It has OS 9 installed also. Probably going to remove that. Nanosaur, Bugdom and Cro-Mag Rally run like crap under OS 9's emulation mode.

I'm assuming that this iMac would probably run much more "snappy" under OS 9. I want to stay in OS 10.

So my question, what OS 10 "action" games can I put on this little guy? I happened to have a copy of Soldier of Fortune 2. Don't think it will run that...

Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    Originally Posted by Pepper Belly View Post

    HSo my question, what OS 10 "action" games can I put on this little guy? I happened to have a copy of Soldier of Fortune 2. Don't think it will run that...

    Yeah I don't think it will run SoF2. It might handle Heavy Metal FAKK 2. Games based on Quake 3 like that one might be ok. American McGee's Alice:


    Max Payne 1 might be just too much:


    Jedi Knight 2 again may be just too much:


    No-one lives forever could be ok. Medal of Honor Allied Assault:


    Tom raider games before Tomb Raider Chronicles.

    Oni is a decent shooter.

    Red Faction 1 might be a bit much.

    Try driver. Star Trek Elite force. Deus Ex 1.

    The original Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6. Duke Nukem 3D.

    Out of This World. Flashback. Alone in the dark.

    If you had OS 9, you could run the Connectix virtual game station and pretty much play all the older Playstation 1 titles including the first and best version of Metal Gear Solid, Gran Tourismo 2, Syphon Filter, Dead or Alive, Dino Crisis, GTA 1, Mega Man, Mortal Kombat, NFS3, Abe's Oddyssey/Exoddus, Parasite Eve 1 (if you like FF games), Final Fantasy etc.

    Here's a list of CVGS games:

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    I would say stay away from downloadble games and stick with Free Online Games - they work on every machine and they are free.
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    Thank you both for your suggestions.

    The thing is, I need to keep the OS 10. I'm going to give this iMac to a "hurting" family. The father works with me. He's going through some tough times right now. He has a couple of real smart kids (8 and 9) though. They need a computer. The fact that this iMac has OS 10 and Microsoft Office X installed is a BIG plus.
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