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in macOS edited January 2014
I have a question about using dual displays with my new macbook. The basic issue is this:

1: plug in second display and setup dual monitor support to use the external hi-res display and the macbook's display (no problem here).

2: drag windows to the external display and resize to use (no problems here either).

3. Power down and disconnect the external display.

4. Start up the macbook without the external display and try and open up a program that I was using previously on the external display. The problem is that it is resized and positioned for the external display and is now off the screen of my macbook display and I can't directly get to the title bar to move it or the resize corner to resize it.

General question...How do I get my window back?

Many thanks for helping a new user trapped in a window's mind set to move into this brand new mac world \



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    Window zoom does what I need for most widows but not all windows have one (System Preferences for example; which just happens to be the one I am trying to get to)


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    It appears that in general the macbook does the right thing in resizing the windows appropriately. For some reason my machine just got in a funny state after I initially setup the dual displays. After one or two reboots all is dandy.

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