Why not allow the sleep/wake button to perform music controls?

in iPhone edited January 2014

A user of third party headphones lacking a remote control, I can only pause a song via the iPhone screen. This requires to get the phone out of your pocket and concentrating on the right place to tap the screen. Which is very annoying when busy with other activities.

Possible solution:

When at the same time being in sleep mode and playing music, let the sleep/wake button function as a music controller. That is, one click to play/pause, two and three clicks to go to the next resp. previous song. Waking the screen remains possible by pressing the home-button.

Columbus's egg or just another ill-considered idea?

(I'm from the Netherlands, therefore my apologies for any language mistakes.)


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,751member
    Never happen, would just confuse people. Better solution; 3rd party headphone makers make use of the headset jack port additions in the new, upcoming SDK and build their own hardware controllers onto their own headphones, just like Apple does.
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