iTunes Store error -206

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I've been having an issue for the past few days... Store gives me error -206 when searching, tried reinstalling, rebooting, nothing. Turned off my firewall and it works... My OS is Windows Vista but use my internet provider's security program's firewall, I think they use McAfee... I just let it go through once, restarted my firewall and everything seems fine, even with my firewall up now...


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    jim_jjim_j Posts: 1member
    I had the same error when using the Internet through a Proxy.

    "Help > Network diagnostics" reported no errors but I got the (-206) error when trying to search or play from the iTunes Store.

    I eventually found the problem by disabling anonymous proxying so that the proxy would pass all header through. Before that the proxy would only pass Host, Authorization and Cookie headers. I suspect that there are specific Apple headers that need to be passed through the proxy server otherwise iTunes won't work properly.


    Jim J
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