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I've asked this in the Genius Bar but am unsure whether this thread might not be more appropriate.

I currently work for two charities and want to clearly define the time I set aside for them, aside from my full time work. One of their email addresses I have on my computer at home but I'm only prepared to set side a day a week from now on to address emails to that account. Today, when working for the other charity, I used Outlook (which I'm not familiar with) and was impressed to discover an option in one of the drop down menus to set an out of office autoreply. I can't find any equivalent in Mail. When I search help it suggests I can do an autoreply under rules, but I don't want it so much under certain conditions as an on/off option for just one account so that it auto replies everyday except Monday. Any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?


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    I'm not sure if Mail has this feature (I'd guess it doesn't), but this setting on a client is kind of flaky anyway. This is usually something you want to set on the server side. If not, it's only going to work when you have that client open and running and when you have internet access (it would be a horrible solution for a notebook).

    See if you can set this through your mail provider on the server. Most will let you - gmail, yahoo, etc.
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