MobileMe and "Photos and Files"

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I just today noticed that when I go to the MobileMe applet in System Preferences, it says at the top, "MobileMe stores your email, contacts, calendar, photos and files in an online 'cloud'..." (emphasis mine). I wasn't aware that my photos and files were stored online... is this a relic from what may have been previously intended for MobileMe and subsequently scrapped or put on hold, or are my photos and files really being stored in a cloud somewhere?


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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    They are stored online, only if you deliberately upload them. LOL You're just too funny, sorry, but that made me chuckle
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    Yes, and the servers are all tended by Lando Calrisian (sp).

    But seriously... I think that is referring to any files or photos that you might have stored on your idisk. Easily accessible from other computers, but so far not implemented in the iPhone. (Still waiting for that.)

    "Cloud" has just come to mean stuff that is stored "online" somewhere, and therefore available from anywhere that you have a connection to the internet... it sort of follows you around like a "cloud" floating over you.

    More specifically, some might limit "cloud" to stored information that has a "push" connectivity. (Meaning it automatically "syncs" between various devices from this "cloud".)

    In any case... unless you have actively put the stuff onto your idisk, then your photo's and files aren't in the "cloud". Contacts, Calendars, Email, Bookmarks can all be "set" to do that automatically, but not photos and files (yet.)
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    Okay, that all makes sense to me. Thanks for the replies!
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