I nuked my Eclipse installation... where can I get help?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey guys,

Ever since I installed Eclipse 3.4 a few months ago, it always said there was nothing to update when I ran the update manager. Then I checked the available plugins, and weirdly, the sdk itself was listed as a possible plugin... I selected it, it calculated that it'd need 8kb for installation, hmmmm... I ran the update, Eclipse rebooted and bam, couldn't launch anymore...

I went to the Eclipse site to search for a forum for help but they don't have a forum\ Anybody know a good place where I could get help? (or perhaps someone here can help me?) I have a log file with all sorts of errors in but it's all jibberish to me... I'd prefer not to reinstall because I have the Flex builder plugin installed and I'm afraid my license won't work anymore if I reinstall...
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