Missing Users in 10.2 - *nix Question

in macOS edited January 2014
I had set up my first administrator user back in the public beta days. This thing is so old I have a 3-character password, and there are folders like "My Apps" under the Home directory.

After upgrading to 10.2, my two admin accounts disappeared from the login list, but I could still log in under the "Other" category.

Then I reinstalled a fresh system, but copied all of the users and network settings. Well, the admin accounts were still MIA, and worse yet, the "Other" login was no longer an option. The accounts are still valid however, as I could turn on the User Name login field back on with these accounts.

So, here's my question(s). I now have to admin accounts that doesn't seem to exist to the computer, yet there they are. Nor are they in the list of User Accounts. They work as before, but they are not in the log in screen. How can I get them back in the log in screen?

The second question is more interesting-- is this normal? Can there be "mysterious" accounts (other than administrator) floating around in Unix that exist under the surface, so to speak?

I'm not sure if I like this.
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