A Possible iHalloween Bug or Hack in an App

in iPhone edited January 2014
I've just seen something strange with my iphone. The music and video went away in iTunes and on the iphone. The the data showed back up in 'other' which is orange. After that no music or video (movies) were seen under iPod ==>Songs or ==>Videos on the iphone. I had to do a restore to get everything back. The good thing was everything was still in my library in iTunes. There's one other thing. In bringing everything back including my apps (which I did last), I saw something in the status bar in iTunes that may have said something like 'ihalloween being copied'?. I haven't purchased any halloween apps!! 1 + 1 not = 2. Has anyone else heard of this happening or any other reports??? http://forums.appleinsider.com/image.../1confused.gif


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