Chemical Toxins in Macs question

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Howdy, I have multiple chemical sensitivity so I am concerned about the level of toxins in computers. I currently have a iBook G4 and the smeel eminating from it is starting to bother me. I know Apple touted the low levels of chemicals in the new Macbook Pro's but I wonder how the previous model pans out.

I really don't like the design of the new macbook Pros and I hate glossy screens so I was considering getting the older model on clearance. The chemical issue is a concern though. I also considered a Mini, and I hear they are being updated soon?

Any info appreciated.


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    There is another thread on MB headaches that covers this topic although your topic would be a better more generic place for it.

    In summary, yes the new Macbook I bought has less odor than the Macbook Pro from January 2008. I'm unable to use this beautiful machine or be near it due to the resulting headache.

    Not sure which brand to turn to next.

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    I smelled my sisters Macbook Pro and I couldnt detect anything but she does have a large house so it may be hard to tell in comparison to my tiny apt. Not sure what to do. Apple sold out of their clearance prev. generation macbook pro's anyway.
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