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Does anyone know a good Budget software for the MacBook? I want something that will help me track my expenses and budget my money. Thanks.


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    Nowhere did he ask HOW budget software works. I use quicken, but any of the Mac money software out there will do budgets well. "iBank" is nice as well.
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    Originally Posted by sudersun View Post

    In the past budgets used to be challenging to make. However, the development of budget software has made this process significantly less tiresome and far more enjoyable. Generally, this software works as follows: you simply allocate each dollar that you make towards something. The categories you allocate your money towards might be groceries, rent, charitable expenses, or something completely different. If you’re looking to save for college, you may wish to have a “college” category too. The benefit of using this type of software is that you can easily track your progress. For example, if you come in over-budget in food and equally under-budget in your college fund, you’ll know immediately that you need to make up the difference in future months.

    That's not what the OP asked at all, my friend! You're barking up the wrong tree...
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    Registered yesterday - Check!

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    It's the trifecta of the Spambot!
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