New MBP shuts off and restarts when it goes into sleep mode?

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When I leave my new MBP alone for 2-3 hours, it shuts down and restarts, and when I wake it I am sent to the password login screen, when I enter my password the system starts like I just booted up. In energy saver preferences I have Computer Sleep set to never and display sleep set to 30 mins. Why is my computer restarting? Thanks


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    Sometimes mine just won't respond - it won't wake up no matter what, and I have to hold down the power button to turn it off and then turn it back on, losing all my work. I have had problems like this with my old MBP and old white MB. I don't think this is specific to this hardware.

    Sometimes it will randomly wake from sleep too, in my bag. I take it out and it's piping hot.
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    I've had my new Macbook Pro for about a month now, and I'm having similar wake-from-sleep issues about twice per week. They come in two equally-ugly flavors. In either case, I close the lid and the MB Pro appears to go to sleep fine, with the front light pulsing. When I return to it several hours later, the light is still pulsing, so I presume it is still asleep. But when I open the lid:
    1. Sometimes the screen is black and the keyboard unresponsive. (Oddly, the front light goes from pulsing to solid on.) Nothing short of a power-down and restart works at this point

    2. Other times, the screen immediately goes white, and shortly afterwards I see the apple logo and hear the chime.'s booting, as if I had shut it down, not put it to sleep. Ugghhh.

    When I look at the console, I see the AFPSleepWakeHanlder indicating the Mac is going to sleep. The next entries (in either of the above cases) are usually the startup sequences associated with either my forced reboot (in the first case), or the MB Pro's self-generated reboot (in the second case).

    In general, I love this machine (an upgrade from one of the original white Macbooks), but this is really getting frustrating. I appear to have a bit of company...There is a fairly long thread on one of the Apple Discussion boards with people discussing similar problems.
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