Need some help with Leopard parental controls time limits

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Hello all,

I work full time and in trying to make sure my 13 yo son starts his homework when he's supposed to, I've utilitzed time limits in parental controls. But suddenly, they aren't working anymore and I'm lost.

The content blockers, logs, password, etc - those all work. It's the time limits pane that has gone nutty.

What I've done is set up two users for him. The first one is his regular user. The second one I've titled "homework" and it has much more blocked aside from homework websites like hotmath or, etc.

I set up his regular user to be blocked between 5 pm and 9 am. This worked up until today. At 5 pm his regular user would log him out and he'd log into the homework user. If he logged out of everything, his regular user would have a blurb under his name saying "can log in at 9:00 am."

Now, it says nothing, and he can log right in. I've gone back and forth between the pane, undid the settings, redid the settings, restarted, checked the clock (it's right), changed the settings from the admin user, everything. I have nothing selected except for the very bottom, where I have "limit access to this computer" from 5 pm to 9 am on school nights, and 10:30 pm to 9 am on weekends.

I'm at a loss as to why it's suddenly not recognizing what I've checked. It worked yesterday...

I had tested it and it gave me a warning of 15 minutes. So 15 minutes came, and then it logged me out. So I just clicked on his name and it logged me back in. There was no "can log in a 9:00 am" blurb. And now it seems like there are no time limits on there at all, however, it's still all checked in the parental control pane the same way it was before.



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    delete the account and recreate it would be my advice.

    If that doesn't work maybe he's figured out a way to circumvent the parental controls... but I've never heard of that
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