Typing Genius bolsters iPhone keyboard skills

in iPhone edited January 2014
Practice makes perfect, as they say, and the new app Typing Genius ($1.99, App Store), by Gary Fung, makes practising easy, by giving you typing exercises and recording detailed statistics, claiming to be the first and only complete typing trainer for iPhone and iPod touch users available through the App Store.

Typing Genius tests you by having you type out sentences and recording how long it takes you, how many mistakes you make, and how many characters you type per second - the exercises are very numerous, allowing you to test typing with your left hand, right hand, both hands, or with exercises geared at testing how quickly you can type special characters or the "100 most popular words" (did you know "oil" is the only noun in that list?).

The test are short and, quite possibly, enjoyable -- and the statistics are broken down instantly, showing you exactly how well you did this test, your best results and your average results. It's also possibly to view the detailed Statistics screen, which makes a graph for you.

The tips section of the app is also worth checking out, because it gives a very detailed list of all the tricks that the iPhone keyboard software uses to make typing as natural as possible, and also teaches you some common but normally unpublished typing techniques (such as slide typing). As a final fun addition, Typing Genius allows you to challenge your friends to competitions in accuracy or speed.

Typing Genius is a good purchase for those who feel their iPhone typing needs a little more finesse, typing demons who need to precisely determine their performance, or those new iPhone users who need to get to know the keyboard a little more proficiently.

On another note, you may remember the developer, Gary Fung, from our preview of his app Smart Dial -- which he tell us has been in review for the App Store for over 8 weeks (!). He believes this may stem from Apple's reluctance to approve any apps which compete with the inbuilt functionality of the iPhone.

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