Bluetooth headphones? Help please.

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I'd like a set of BlueTooth Stereo Headphones. Does anyone know if the iPhone 3G supports this? All headphones I see require "A2DP", and that's not listed on the iPhone's specs.

Thanks in advance!


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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 249member
    You're correct--iPhone does not support A2DP, and therefore you can't listen to stereo music through bluetooth headsets.

    Back when I was using a Treo, there was a program I used called Softick Audio Gateway that allowed you to use Stereo bluetooth headsets, but I don't see an iPhone version.
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    just buy an ICOMBI bluetooth adapter, plug it into the iPhone and turn on your Bluetooth headset. poof you're good. I use a Motorola S9. Cranks!!
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