MCallShow v1.1 for iPhoneOS 2.x Released?App to show the location of calls

in iPhone edited January 2014
The latest version MCallShow v1.1 supports Jailbreak iPhoneOS 2.x.We'll offer you the databases of most of the world

countries,you can download and update it from Cydia.

At the same time, we offer MCallShow Database Editor, which helps you to customize the database.

MCallShow contains 2 parts, the program and the database of a country. You install MCallShow by Cydia first,and then

download the database you need.

Main functions:

1. show the location of the incoming/outgoing calls

2. show the location in calllog

3. search the location of phone number manually

How to install MCallShow v1.1 on iPhoneOS 2.0-2.1

1) Jailbroken iPhone (3G iPhone)

2) Launch Cydia,input

3) Choose MCallShow and MCallShow DB install

any questions please contact: [email protected]
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