Yahoo eMail Breaks When Changing Password?

in iPhone edited January 2014
I've been using Yahoo eMail (Yahoo Plus), along with .mac/Mobile Me email, on my 3g iPhone since I bought the phone in July, and have been very happy with both.

I changed my password on my Yahoo account yesterday, and now I can't get access to my Yahoo mail on the phone. Works fine on the desktop. Have gone through entering user name and password MANY times on the iPhone, changed the password again on the desktop, but nothing works. Get this error message:

Cannot Get Mail

The user name or password for "" is incorrect

I've got a support request in to Yahoo.

Anyone else have this issue? Are there any other settings on my Yahoo account that may have been dorked up when changing my password?

Another observation: I normally post questions like this in the Genius Bar section, but haven't been getting any responses there on iPhone topics. Is it better to post in iPhone or Genius Bar section for iPhone issues?


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    f1turbof1turbo Posts: 252member
    Reply back from Yahoo--main issue seems to be special characters. I reset my password to one NOT using special characters, and it works now.

    However, the original password I've been using for over 4 months with Yahoo DID have special characters in it, so who knows.
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