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Hi all,

I have an old PowerBook G4, and I?m really jonesing for a new Mac, specifically the new aluminum MacBook. I know the new MacBooks and MBPs have been out for a little less than a month, but for those of you who have been religiously following Apple products for quite awhile, do you have an early sense of how many users are reporting issues compared to previous first revision products from Apple?

I know some users are having trackpad issues, but Apple is already indicating they will have a software fix soon, so this should be moot for my decision. Also, some users are having issues with their fans making more noise than others. Obviously this will be a hardware fix for the effected users. I just don't know if the reports of issues are fewer than previous products.

I am a little gun shy after having a bad experience with a first revision iMac G5. I got it as soon as they came out and it was plagued with the noisy fan issue. I am hoping that given the new design and manufacturing process that Apple may have found a way to minimize first revision problems. I know the white Macbooks are really solid, and I would this maturing process will likely carry over and benefit the new MacBooks.

Does there seem to be fewer angry people, or more, or about the same as previous products after a month? Any comparisons or perceptions from previous years would be helpful.




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    djintxdjintx Posts: 454member
    Are there seriously no opinions on this? Is everyone feeling ok? Chicken soup perhaps?
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    Originally Posted by DJinTX View Post

    Are there seriously no opinions on this? Is everyone feeling ok? Chicken soup perhaps?

    Give it time people have only ahd theirs for a week or so, so there not busing on forums right now...

    From what ive heard they seem to be pretty damned finly tuned machines...

    I hope so anyway, getting mine in a couple of days...
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    I definitely want to hear from those who already own a new MacBook, but I'm sure that some forum regulars out there who have been following apple for awhile have already got some early opinions as to quality, even if they didn't buy a macbook.

    For me, I personally feel like there are less early complaints than normal, but this might just be me trying to talk myself into buying one. I am a little biased
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    I have a new MBP and haven't had any issues to speak of. I had a weird clicking occasionally when holding the notebook up at an angle, but I can't reproduce it and it stopped. I thought it sounded like it was coming from the speaker.

    Other than that, no fan issues. No trackpad issues (I love the new trackpad). Those kinds of things will always be covered by warranty, though.
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    I don't know how closely you have been following Apple stuff, but if you consider the worst systemic problems rev A stuff has had, I believe you'll find it is typically not something that appears within a month or two of purchase.

    The logical conclusion is that if you are not going to wait for multiple months and/or rev B hardware, stop worrying and buy what you need. Even if the laptop *did* have something wrong with it, agonizing over it for a week or two before buying it does not help you.
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    Good point...but if I don't agonize, how will I pass time at work? Seriously though, it's a good point that rev a issues don't tend to pop up very soon. I hadn't really thought of that. So if I buy now then I just have to take a leap of faith. Of course this is true no matter when you buy to some degree.

    It's hard though, because even though there will be a 1 year warranty, (and 3 years of APP for me) to cover hardware issues, I still worry about small perception issues like fan noise. As I had mentioned, my rev A iMac G5 had fan issues its whole life. Apple rotated their answers between "yes we can service it", to "no it is running within spec". Needless to say it still has fan noise issues (and a new home with my in-laws).
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    I have a new MBP and haven't had any issues. The hinge is looser than the older macbooks and powerbooks ... that is little tough to get used to. I used to set the computer against my knees in bed watching a movie (at about 45 degrees) and I can't do that any more. It reminds me of the hinge on a 17" MBP I had, it just couldn't hold the screen up at an angle. On the hand, it does make opening and closing it much smoother.
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    I've had a 2.4/4GB Macbook for just over two weeks.

    My major problem is with the screen, which isn't faulty as such - it's just a bad screen to begin with.

    I also have a trackpad latency situation (including occasional cursor loss) and wireless dropout, but in every other way the machine is very nice to use.
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    I am think of getting a MacBook this week. This kind of issue would bother me. Has Apple acknowledged the problem?
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