Zhiing challenges Loopt as LBS Application

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Check out the review in Mashable today...

Mashable?s Take

A new social location-based networking service operating out of Santa Barbara, California, Zhiing is meant to connect desktop and laptop users, mobile phone owners, as well as Dash devices, into a quick and simple messaging network that incorporates things like maps and turn-by-turn directions.

Indeed, it?s a bit like Loopt and the myriad other mobile location-based networks currently living today. It allows you to broadcast a particular location out to friends and gives those friends a way to get to where you are. Pretty commonplace.

Still, its designers have made it quite clear that technical compatibility is paramount. They want people everywhere as connected as their respective devices can manage. While the company eagerly builds its BlackBerry and iPhone software, standard text messaging for virtually any mobile phone plays a role. And insofar as full-fledged Web browsers are concerned, Firefox, Flock, and Internet Explorer all get add-ons and plugins to work with. A bookmarklet-type gadget is also available for Firefox, IE, and Chrome installations.

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