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I've always heard (and it has been my experience) that if you're using your notebook while it is plugged in for an extended time you shouldn't leave your battery fully charged. To deal with this issue I have always popped the battery out of my old Dell as soon as it is done charging if I plan on using it at my desk for a while. This was quite easy on my Inspiron but with my new Macbook it is a bit of a hassle.

My question: Is there any sort of software (or is it even possible) that I could set to "ignore" my battery? Basically to act like it would were the battery unplugged, feeding directly from the AC outlet. I tried Googling for something like this but I just couldn't phrase it right. Thanks!


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    batbat Posts: 47member
    Just ignore it. Uncheck "show battery in menu bar". DO NOT remove the battery. As I understand it, that makes the computer run at half processor power. I ran my iBook and now my MBP plugged in 98% of the time and everything's fine.
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    Like bat said, popping the battery can result in performance losses, and its not necessary.

    You should try and run it through a conditioning cycle about once a month or so, especially if you run it plugged in a lot.

    There's info on what that entails, and you can even add it to iCal at
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