USB portable hard drive Apple to PC

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I want to transfer Word files between my PC at work and iMac at home. Will a portable USB hard drive interface with both?


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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    As long as the drive is formatted as FAT32 it should all work fine.
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    If it is just word file a flash drive will probably do the trick. A hard drive would be fine but would be much larger and possibly over kill for word files (assuming you don't have ten of thousands of them).

    The last posted is correct, it will need to be formatted as FAT32 which is most likely what it is out the box. Not that this format it a little bit slower on the mac ... you will notice that what moving large files around (comparing mac copy speed to pc copy speed). If you are looking for an alternative format you can format it as HFS and use a program like MacDrive on your PC.
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