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Today I recieved a replacement iPhone after returning my original due to a broken silent button. It was covered under the 1 year warranty so went directly to apple for repair/replacement. I have recieved another faulty iPhone. This one has a couple of dead/frozen pixels and also bright light coming through between the screen and the chrome strip on the left hand sign. I think you will understand my concern.

I am not sure if you are aware of O2 UK's policy on returns but I know that they have a 28 day returns policy but do not know if this will cover a replacement handset or only one that is bought new. Also, will an Apple store replace under similar terms? Or will I have to send it back to Apple again, under the 1 year warranty? I will phone my local O2 store when they open again tomorrow but in the mean time if anyone had any ideas I'd be grateful.

Sorry to drag this post out quite a bit! Many thanks.


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    If you call O2, they will tell you what their return policy is for your exact situation.
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