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Hi every one my name is James and today I am here because I am interested in buying my first Mac Laptop. I would be mainly using this in my High School during Lunch and Study hall to work on projects and research. My school only uses Apple computers so I don't think there will be a networking problem(heard there can be some unfriendly networks towards macs?). I have been looking into THIS I Book sold used by Macofalltrades.com it dose not have a airport card (I dont know what that is) and the CD drive doesn't work but that doesn't bother me because I mainly use flash drives and SD cards.

So my question is

#1: Will it work at all?

2: if so will it satisfy my simple needs?

3: will I need anything else?

Thank you for answering my simple questins because I hardly know anything about Mac books.


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    Airport is just what Apple calls the wi-fi card.

    Uh... I have an iBook that is similar to that one. It isn't powerful enough to play back any kind of video (even Youtube-type Flash video), the USB is slow, and the hard drive is tiny. You would need a firewire DVD drive if you ever wanted to re-install the OS. But it's hard to go wrong for $150.
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    Thanks so im guessing that I wont need the airport to go wireless then.

    And hearing that I think Ill look into a more powerfull system, any recomendations of a secific model or upgrade?
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    THAT computer WILL need an "Airport Card" to access WiFi networks... but they are avialable on eBay and such... (I've got two sitting on a shelf here.)

    But realistically, you'd probably rather have something with at least a G4 CPU.
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    thanks I am now considering having this for a while now as a basic laptop and probably will go with this:


    it has a combo drive which is nice and a G4 processor, so if anyone has another suggestion that's appreciated.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,223moderator
    For just $50-100 more, you can get an Intel one from ebay:





    These will also run Windows and are about 4x faster as they have 2 x 1.83GHz vs single 1.33ghz. The more expensive one is from a power seller and has a DVD burner.
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