question about apple's patents on the iPhone

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It looks like a lot of the knock offs are dong the same things the iPhone is...

like the Bold, thee Thunder, Android, and more

how or what can Apple do to protect the "look and feel" of the iPhone?

even Microsoft's "multi-touch" map on CNN looks and feels like the iPhone

so the question is what chance does Apple have to protect their work?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,208moderator
    Maybe they are waiting a while just like how other companies do to Apple and then spring a lawsuit once they've made all their money. Perhaps they are waiting to destroy Windows 7 as it has multi-touch built in.

    I'm not entirely sure what they can protect because as you say, competitors are implementing almost identical features.

    I reckon the patents may be in place more to prevent a situation where they would have to license the tech from a competitor if they patented them instead. Time as always will tell what Apple do with them.
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    Along the same lines as what Marvin said, I think Apple are sick of being sued by other companies for ideas/tech they are implementing.

    So they are pre-emptively patenting everything that goes into the iPhone so no one else can sue them.

    Apple got badly burned when they tried to sue Microsoft back in the '90s and I don't think they're going to try doing that again anytime soon.
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