Seeking within lengthy podcasts or movies

in iPhone edited January 2014
I had posted this question in another forum but I was wondering if anyone has also found issue with adjusting the current playback position within a long podcast or movie. The little ball that is currently available to seek through a program is a bit awkward in that it's not very precise. On the Nano you could just roll the wheel however slow or fast to "rewind" or "fast forward". For those who find this as a problem would the following solution be helpful (if Apple would just implement), or would it be a hindrance? The "seek" sliders would work in the same fashion as the unlock slider.

By chance is there anyone in this forum who interfaces with the Apple developers, could this be suggested to them?

I think I've been losing sleep over this... is that bad?




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    bbwibbwi Posts: 812member
    I'm afraid this is user error. Just hold down the "Skip" button and it will seek for you.
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    bbwi - Thank you... I didn't even realize you could hold down the skip buttons .

    Though this is a nice discovery and I thank you for pointing this out, I'd still love to see some better seek controls that allow for greater control during playback. Oh well, I imagine this isn't something that will change anytime soon, probably never.
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