Parallels 4.0 Upgrade problems

in Mac Software edited January 2014
After successfully using Parallels 3.0 for 14 months, I upgraded to 4.0 Tuesday. It proved disastrous! A cascade of failures, first with the upgrade process, then inability to successfully reinstall Parallels 3.0. Finally uninstalled everything and tried to do clean reinstall of Parallels 4.0 (intending to reinstall Windows XP and ALL my apps in a new virtual machine). That failed too. Many regrets I purchased and did this upgrade..... it's been a HUGE waste of my time. Support has been marginal... I'm sure they're swamped. Fortunately I have a backup Windows machine to continue working until I have time to continue dealing with this over the weekend.

I should have waited on this upgrade, but the marketing was effective in sucking me in with a list of desirable new features. Since I now have a macbook pro with no virtual machine installed, I figured I'd download VM ware and try it ($20 discount offer appeared in my inbox yesterday. Coincidence? Smart move by Smith Micro!). If it gets me up and running and passes my tests, I will become a former Parallels user and demand a refund on the upgrade.


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