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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this or not but here it goes anyway.

I just purchased at new 15" MBP and I want to get a sleeve so its a little more protected in my briefcase. From what I've been reading it doesn't sound like there are any out there that actually fit the new models properly.

Has anyone purchased a sleeve and had that experience with the new model? Or does anyone have an idea if there is a brand that fits and protects? Or when a sleeve for the new models will be available?


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    i purchased the iSkin SOHO after no body helped me out with a similar post on these forums. i have a new late-2008 MBP and wanted something that was stylish yet protective and compact. the SOHO is a bit bulkier than i thought. but the faux-leather feels exactly as i thought it would and it's great. it's also really pricey for what you get. as far as protection, i think it's great. it's EXTREMELY form fitting and fits very tightly. (other sleeves are sort of loose with the new MBP's). give it a shot. i think i might also get an inCase sleeve as well though (probably w/o the handle). i used to have an incase sleeve for my old macbook and it was amazing. the iSkin's more expensive, but sometimes' money is not everything. i think i'll use the iSkin for business stuff and the incase for personal. not sure. you gotta try em all out. websites don't reveal enough. see them in person. that's all the advice i can give. you're lucky though, because for my last post, no one cared to comment.
  • Reply 2 of 3 - design 15-3. I have purchased from them for past computers and my new MBP 15" and love the quality of the cases. On top of that customer service is amazing.
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    Hrmmm...Anyone had any experience with inCase's sleeves on the late '08 MBP?
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