Mac Grey Screen Crash with CD Stuck in Drive

in macOS edited January 2014
My 24" iMac has crashed and has a CD stuck in the drive. The Mac continuously reboots but never makes it beyond a blank grey screen. I do have my OS CD and I have an external time machine backup, but I can't get to a terminal prompt to do anything.

Trust me - I've tried all the usual suspects for getting the CD out - and there is only one CD in the drive. I've tried holding the mouse button down, pressing the eject button on the keyboard (I tried pressing eject on both a wireless and a wired keyboard). I also tried holding command-S to boot into single-user mode which didn't work. There is no pinhole on the CD to physically eject the CD and I understand that there's no way to boot from the Time Machine.

I'm at a loss. I believe that not being able to remove the CD is hindering my ability to restore and boot into single-user mode.

Does anyone have any suggestions?




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