NEED ADVICE! Best SIP for VOIP on ipod touch...

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hey everyone,

I just got my 2nd G ipod touch. I downloaded "FRiNG" from the App store, and now want to use a SIP or SKYPE to make calls.

On FRING the SIP choices are:

1) Sipnet

2) Gizmo

3) Free World Dial Up

4) Voip Cheap

5) Voip Stunt

6) A1

7) VoipBuster

8 Sip(other)

Which of the above SIPs is the best and why? Please give me your opinions. Thanks.

Also are one of the above SiPs BETTER than using SKYPE? And if so why? Or is Skype better and why?

Thanks again. I appreciate any and all feedback.



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