Powerbook 12" G4 will not boot

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
When I try to start it I get the startup sound and then the Apple logo but then it goes to a black screen with the following message:

/etc/master.psswd: no such file or directory


Does this sound like the hard drive is toast or is something more serious involved? I keep DVD backups so data recovery is no sweat. I just need to know if all I need is a new HD. The original install discs were misplaced in a move a couple of years ago so I will have to find someone to install the disc and OS if that is the problem. If it sounds more serious, I guess I will finally have to upgrade to a newer model.

I really love the small size though and hate to have to get a larger Mac.


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    Although I'm no expert, it looks like you got the unix shell prompt (and not the firmware prompt). If your computer is at least getting into Unix I doubt your hard drive is hosed. I would recommend trying a reinstall of the OS and reloading your backup.

    IF that fails, and your hard drive is hosed, I would replace it and reinstall. I doubt you would need to go the extreme and upgrade your system.

    I recently upgraded from a 17 inch PBG4 to a MBP15 and I have no regrets.
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