Replacing Macbook LCD: What method to use?

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I recently cracked my macbook screen. It was charging at a friends house and while he was playing darts one bounced off the wall and whacked the screen.

I was debating on getting a new macbook, but I want to see what the next gen macbook air looks like so I decided to try to replace the screen for now. (BTW the Macbook is a 2ghz Core duo model from 2006).

I have found one tutorial that was highly recommended.

Yet this one basically requires me to take apart the entire computer.

The next one was found when I was looking for the screen on eBay.|240%3A1318

The second one makes it seem really really quick and easy. I was wondering if anyone has done the replacement before and if the second method actually works.

Also, does the screen vary much from macbook to macbook? or basically any of the 13.3inch screens would work?

Since I gotta take the comp apart, I am also gonna upgrade my HD. If anyone has any recommendations on a good HD or a good deal please let me know.

Thanks alot


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    haven't seen that method. you could try it. apple sells the whole thing as 1 piece, so you do in that case tear the whole thing apart. they can & have changed vendors, plugs, etc. for panels, so rolling the dice buying one first, asking questions later might not be the thing to do.

    for drives, the HDD is easy to do on the MB, under the same cover as the RAM in the batt compartment.

    I started using seagates. WD is terrible, had several die, replaced others as well. & don't get the ones that feature the motion sensor protection. the macs already have it & will cause problems with the MB. most drives there are under $100, lots with free shipping.
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    thanks for the reply. I think I am gonna just take it to a shop and have them install the screen I bought. The HD I ended up getting from new egg. Its a 350gig toshiba for only like 85 bucks or so after shipping.
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