Current mac Pro to Newer mac Pro memory Question

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Does anyone know if Apple does decide to release a new Mac Pro in January, would it still use the same memory as the current Mac Pro does?

I am considering getting a Mac Pro now because my current G5 is to slow for the HD work we are doing and then in January getting a new one when it is released and using the one that I get now as a spare back-up etc..

THe thing is that I need alot of memory for Photoshop and I would be willing to buy as much ram for this Mac Pro and then in January jsut put itin the new mac Pro.

Does anyone know if it will be the same memory modules?



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    The current models use DDR-2, but the next Xeon processors on Intel's roadmap all use DDR-3 memory. So assuming that they move to those processors, then: no the memory will not be compatible.
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