I need advice on MacBook pro case

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I just got off the phone with an Apple support person discussing my new MacBook Pro's sleep problems. Besides having me do a lot of resets, he said my choice of carrying case is prone to over-heating.

I have a nice Brenthaven case -- heavy nylon on the outside, with a "shelled" sleeve on the inside. (http://brenthaven.com/catalog-metrol...ack_apple.html) Good, snug, protection, but also makes a good oven when the MacBook decides to wake up.

Therefore, I'm looking for advice on cases that provide better ventilation. Something similar to my current case -- light, compact, minimalist. Any suggestions?



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    I dropped by the "Genius Bar" at my local Apple store, and the people there said I was nuts to put my sleeping MacBook Pro in any case because sleeping MacBook Pros produce a problematic amount of heat. They said I should always shut down before put it in any case.

    Wow, that's kind of a drag, since I want to simply: close lid > slide in case > zip > go.

    Do I need to develop new habits, and actually shut down? In which case, my current Brenthaven case is fine. Or can I keep my old habit of sleeping, and look for a better ventilated case?
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    Do you happen to have any MS Office apps running? I have Office 2004 on my new macbook pro and found that excel and word sometimes hangs. One time I closed the lid, it took a minute or two for it to go to sleep. Finally it did, I put the computer in my sleeve and then in my backpack. Once I got home, the computer was extremely hot! I couldn't figure out what made it come out of suspend mode.

    A few days later my fans were running for a long time, I was only using safari. I realized that Excel was running and was not responding. Once I forced the app to quit, the fans turned off. I'm thinking that excel awakened the computer.

    From then on I make sure that I quit any Office application before putting the computer to sleep. I haven't had any trouble since...

    Hope that helps!
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