What MS needs to do

in General Discussion edited January 2014
I'm going to do a sin here, and just tell you guys a secret that MS should know by now: they shouldn't try to be like Apple.

They should be what XP basically was, a simple, basic operating system that works when you need it to. Thats it. No Expose, no Time Machine, or anything like that. And that OS should be free.

However, if you want those extra features, then you can always add them, for a price. Third-party developers can develop for Windows FREE (as I call it, too, but all of Microsoft's are 100% guaranteed to be compatible.

Why they should do this? Because a lot of Windows users don't want a OS X, or they would buy it. They just want something that works.

Now I know that Windows will never be free, and I guess they could sell a "Windows 7 BASIC" which would be cheap, and then just let you add the features you want, and pay-as-you-go type of thing.

But here is the kicker: they wont do it, will they? They'll wait for someone else to do it, and by then it will be to late.

So what do you guys think?
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