Ipone vs Storm

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I looked and seen no link in any searches and just wanted everyone?s option on this. I think with the storm offering mms, copy and paste, landscape text and emailing and other features that the Iphone does not offer can only help us Iphone user. When the blackberry storm comes out and people start to switch from the Iphone to the storm for the features that they want apple would have to implement the features they can through software updates especially if sales begin to drop off do to lack of features. That?s just my two sense just wonder what other people where thanking


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,293member
    Walt Mossberg's Storm review

    The Storm doesn't have Wifi. That's a dealbreaker for me. I could give a fcuk about copy and paste.

    Originally Posted by Mossberg

    At the second hotel, barely a mile away, the Storm?s lack of Wi-Fi hurt much more. There, Verizon?s signal was poor, and data speeds on the Storm averaged a horrible 96 kbps. But the iPhone on AT&T averaged 459 kbps, and on Wi-Fi the iPhone averaged 785 kbps...

    And some common tasks took more steps than on the iPhone. For instance, emailing a link from a Web page required four steps on the Storm, versus two on the Apple device...

    But, unlike the iPhone or the G1, the Storm doesn?t offer wireless synchronization from consumer services, only from corporate servers.

    I'm not going to give up the iPhone's polish for features that will eventually come. The Storm looks good but it's going to take more features that I cannot eventually get access to via software for me to consider a Blackberry.
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    taurontauron Posts: 911member
    Storm looks like something designed by students doing an internship at apple. It is crapola.
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