6GB on MBP unibody - Video Instability

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I recently added a 4GB chip into my late 2008 MBP 2.8ghz to bring it to a total of 6GB. Everything works great as long as the computer is in video performance mode. However, as soon as I switch to energy saving mode, I get a crash shortly after login. The only solution is to remove the chip, turn back to performance mode, and reinstall the chip.

Any other reports like this? Should I try a different vendor? I've already swapped out the chip once already, and the RAM vendor reports that they have no additional information. The chip I had worked fine in their test machine, but they didn't have a 2.8 ghz to test on.

Is there anyone on the forums with a MBP 2.8 who has tried this "upgrade"?



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    Yikes! Having a fast 2.8 processor, why would you want to work the IGP 9400M graphics ?. I found the heat output with the 9600GT graphics is almost 20 Deg C more. So makes a lot of difference in battery life with running without power adaptor.

    I really think the EFI firmware needs to throttle down the RAM latency and retain a stable voltage feed to the dual banks to make 6GB or even 8Gb stable in the near future. Lets hope Apple get this done properly.
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