Apple @ $50, another type of purchasing decision.

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Anybody have an estimate on when Apple will hit $50 a share. That would put it into the affordable range for small time investors. In this market it seems to be a reasonable price target.

I guess the real question is not when will it hit that price but how far will it go down. Frankly if you have cash it looks like next year could be awsome for investors. Prices have not been this low in some time. Plus the investment community might wake up to the idea that Apples Touch devices are ideal for a near depression economy.

What's the feeling here for rock bottom pricing on Apple?



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    Never, I hope.

    It has $25/share in cash, no debt, 25% growth rates, and billions in cash flow. True value for the stock is $180/share imho - buy it at $80 today and be happy.

    Who knows, you could get lucky and get it for $50, but 99% of the time people waiting

    for price drops like that miss the bottom. And even if it did drop to $50, you would be

    going "when will it get to $40"? And you would miss it anyway.

    Its like you are getting a new Porsche for $20K from a auto dealership going out of business,

    and wondering if you should wait until the price drops to $12K.
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