Stuck with Verizon contract

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I am currently tied to a Verizon contract for my cell phone. For the time, that puts an iPhone on hold. What Verizon phone can I use that will sync with my MAC? I also would like to put my iPod on the shelf as well. In other words, I have made the switch from PC to MAC, would like to switch from a PDA to some sort of Smart Phone, would like to give my iPod to my hubby and move this media as well. Basically, I want a phone that has my contacts, calendar, email and iTunes all in one place. The kicker - Verizon. Thanks for the help as I am new to MAC world, but loving it!


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    It's not as seamless as using iSync or whatever, but I have Verizon and recently bought a Blackberry Curve. You have to use different Blackberry software to sync your calendar and contacts, and you have to move your photos and music manually, but it works. All the media goes onto an SD card, so if you go that route, make sure you get a card that is big enough to hold what you want it to hold.
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    there are several websites that allow you to sell your cell phone and contract to others
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