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I am having a problem that is proving difficult to figure out. At times, when I am in an application, the focus is suddenly and unexpectedly drawn to the finder.

Just an example... while watching a movie in full screen, or while making a presentation (worse!) my presentation or movie will suddenly leave full screen mode and focus is drawn to the finder. I'm not touching the keyboard or even messing with the computer. Just, bingo, and suddenly the finder has the focus.

This causes the movie to leave full-screen mode and in keynote, it has caused keynote to suddenly minimize in the middle of an important presentation (when keynote does this, it leaves a green arrow over the keynote icon in the dock, and I have to click it to bring the presentation back up again.)

Can anybody help me track this down? It's messing up my presentations!



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    For those who may encounter this problem, I want to share the solution that I found through trial and error. I am almost 100% certain that this is happening due to the Google Notifier that I have installed (this is an app from google that lets you know when you have new mail).

    For some reason the Google notifier seems to have been causing the Finder to steal the focus from the DVDplayer and from Keynote, both apps that I use in full-screen, and where a switch in focus would be most noticeable.

    Simply closing the Notifier when using a full-screen app (e.g. showing a keynote presentation) *should* eliminate the problem (if I have diagnosed this correctly.

    Hope this helps someone else who has the same problem.
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    Turns out I was wrong about this. It is NOT the gmail notifier. I'm really desperate to figure this out. If you think you have a solution, please post it on my other thread which gives more detail than I have given here.


    thanks for any help...

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