OrbLive streams live TV to your iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Yesterday, Orb Networks released OrbLive 2.0 ($9.99, App Store), an app designed to work with their own Orb streaming program for Windows.

The basic tenet behind OrbLive is that instead of being limited by the storage capacity of the iPhone, you should be able to use the networking capabilities of the device to stream anything from your own library at home. In addition to this, OrbLive also allows you to stream live TV to the iPhone.

However, there are a few catches, the first of which being that the Orb program is currently available only to Windows users (though Mac and Linux versions are on the way, apparently). Live TV watching requires an Orb compatible TV tuner in your PC, and video can only be watched with a WiFi connection and must be under 3GB.

If you do manage to get it all working, however, there are some nice features to Orb - such as the ability to stream video and audio in any format directly to the iPhone without any conversion.

There is also a free version of the streaming app, but it limits you to 3 randomly selected pieces of media of each media type.


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