Can old DVD Duper get new drives easiliy?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have an old 1 x 1 DVD duper, rebranded model, looks identical to a specific model that most of the rebranders sell. No frills. It has old 8 X drives and is being finicky. Can't tell if it's a drive or controller. Tech support doesn't respond, so I figure I'll ask here. Question: It's simple enough to get two new PATA top of the line Pioneers for $60 and install them, and see if it's a drive issue, but is that assuming too much of the controller card? Are the controllers in these things specifically programmed for the mechanisms installed or do they just need to have an interface compatible burner to work? If so, can I do this and burn at the drive's best speed?

There's is no LCD for setting up or picking speeds on this model, it's just insert and push button.

Thanks for any information on this. It would be great to spend $60 and have a working 20X duper.
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