WIFI Issues

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have searched all ove AI, and need some help. I have a Macbook 2.4 ghz, (early 2008)

Recently my WIFI has been dropping farily regularly, I have FIOS (actiontec router) but Netgear -N attached to port 1. Use WPA secuirty with TKIP PSK. I am on second floor of my home, but PC's on our WIFI network all seem to get good strength.

I have done the remove system config folder and restart, Apple suggests my aircard is bad, but was wondering if there is anything I should be doing.

I had a program Internet Cleanup installed, but was causing Kernal Panic, I Have since trashed the program.

Any help is greatly appreciated, as I still new with Mac, and I don't know all the tricks.
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