No Audio

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi! I just did the Safari update and when my Powerbook G4 rebooted i have no audio now. when i press volume up, down or mute button the picture comes up but with a little "no smoking" symbol under it. also, in the menu bar where the volume icon is, there is a gap where it is supposed to be next to the wifi signal and bluetooth. When i try and play a song in itunes the song never starts and there is no sound at all. I tried putting headphones in and still nothing. The sound is on in the system preferences but it says that there is no output devices. any ideas what this could be and how i could rectify it? are there issues with the safari update? (version 3.2.1 by the way)

Thanks in advance! -matt

ps i have a screen shot of the "no smoking" symbol if that will help anyone but cant figure out how to upload it.
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